I Skipped The Party Scene, Yes I'm Still Fun

I successfully survived my first year of college and the pressures of drinking. I've been told that I'm "missing the best years of my life being so serious," but you know what? I want memories that I'll actually remember. When did fun go from going out and being in the now, to not remembering anything the next day?

I will take reading a book with a cup of coffee in the morning over a nasty hangover any day. (I'm a big baby when it comes to headaches anyways).

In today's society, many think to have, or even BE, fun you have to drink. I have NEVER been drunk in my almost twenty years, and yet I've had tons of fun that make me smile, not be embarrassed about.

Ive been stereotyped as: stuck up, uptight, and too serious. But this isn't the case at all. The party scene skippers stick to our priorities. We go outside the lines once in while, like for example: stay up past 1am instead 11pm, but I'm totally okay with that. (We are rebels, I know).

I want to go on adventures like road trips, zoos, water falls, hiking and trailing, going beach hopping (yes, where you go to different beaches....not bars.)

Some people like being in the now and in control. We like having fun where we drive places, make midnight trips to get fast food, or even go swimming late at night and cooks s'mores on the fire. If you're looking for someone who gets smashed every weekend, I'm not your girl. I'll hold your hair back, give you Motrin, and a glass of water, but I'm not going to drink right beside you.

Please don't judge us party scene skippers. We like to have fun, I promise. Just in a different way.


The girl who skipped the party stage


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